Leap & Scale® focuses on crafting unique and versatile sensor to server solutions, for various sectors of the industry. We offer customizable products and platforms, and product engineering services to create unique solutions based on internet of things (IOT) architecture. Using the IOT Architecture, we have built innovative products and versatile platforms, which we offer as part of the solutions for customers and users. We offer product engineering services for crafting innovating platforms for our customers who provide solutions to their user. In both cases, it is Leap & Scale’s multidisciplinary expertise, and experience in envisioning and building optimal platforms and providing solutions is the key to the success and growth for its customers.

For various industries and companies, IOT technologies are paving way to next level of operation excellence and growth. Bringing all of these together for the industrial application is a challenge. With our innovative products, platforms and solutioning services, companies – large and small – are benefitted by bringing IOT enabled products and systems at an accelerated pace into the market.

Our innovative products and customizable platforms, provide solutions in Telematics, Telemetry, Remote Monitoring and Control and Industrial Automation for Vehicular Technology, Solar & Wind Energy – Metering and Monitoring, Weather Stations, Smart Lighting, Smart Facility, Building Fire and Safety to name a few.

Start building IoT solutions with us.