Leap & Scale® key offering is an innovative Sensor-to-Server (s2s®) technology, based on IOT architectures, which is the core to all its solutions and offerings. Such architectures, when deployed enable data collection and management of system by data collected from smart sensors and devices. With data being at the center of all the analytics, the company works on research and building diverse expertise to ensure that the most optimal amount of data is collected, processed and stored in the system. Various key areas of modelling the data, optimal transmission of the data between the sensor and sever has been developed through years of research and understanding of the domains. With the wireless technologies and mobility, connectivity is not always guaranteed but the company offers innovative solutions to tackle such issues.

  • IoT and IIoT platforms for licensing
  • Enterprise customisations
  • Custom build platforms

For various industries and companies, IOT technologies are paving way to next level of operation excellence and growth. Bringing all of these together for the industrial application is a challenge. With our innovative products, platforms and solutioning services, companies – large and small – are benefitted by bringing IOT enabled products and systems at an accelerated pace into the market. Our present areas of work

  • Telematics, Telemetry and Instrumentation
  • Consumer IOT (Building Management, Appliance Monitoring & Control, Fire & Safety) 
  • Machine Monitoring & Control
  • Data Analytics and Decision by Data (Operational Excellence, Predictive Maintenance, Trends and Patterns)

Our innovative products and customizable platforms, provide solutions in Telematics, Telemetry, Remote Monitoring and Control and Industrial Automation for Vehicular Technology, Solar & Wind Energy – Metering and Monitoring, Weather Stations, Smart Lighting, Smart Facility, Building Fire and Safety to name a few,

  • Ready to Use (SAAS and PAAS) based platform for IoT Enablement for any device
  • Platform profiles that enable IoT in specific industry verticals
  • Build your own IoT using the components, products and customisable platforms

Over past six years, we have built numerous systems for customers and platforms to enable IoT and IIoT to improve the systems and the outcome of the systems. We will be happy to discuss any use cases you may have for your systems.

Our Unique Approach: Focus on innovative problem solving, creating value and enabling newer frontiers which enhance the system further. We craft innovative, robust, reliable and efficient end to end solutions

IoT & IIoT – All Under One Roof: Embedded Systems, Embedded Software, Mobile Computing and Mobile Apps, Edge Computing, Cloud/Web Servers and Apps, UI/UX/CX and Quality Assurance. Multidisciplinary approach to build interdisciplinary solutions.

IoT is about connecting and interconnecting the everyday devices (networking of the physical devices) to create internet enabled devices and systems with a focus on betterment of the entire operation, user experience and collect just enough data to take the best of the decisions. Technologies like embedded systems, wireless sensor networks, control systems and automation, mobile computing, cloud computing and edge computing all conttibute to making things internet enabled and we work on practically all of them. Example: Enable various appliance (AC, Refrigerator) and utilities (Fire Alarm Systems) to connect to the internet for better monitoring and control.

IIoT is enabled by us using Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) – the main enabler to connect the physical machines, Cloud Computing (CC), with large amount of resources, for a central storage, management, processing and analysis of data, Edge Computing (EC) to bring computing and decision making as closer to the location, and Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (MLAI) to learn and predict the outcomes. Example: Enabling a component manufacturing machines to determine the operator and machine efficiency and take decisions to improve it.

Versatile Products & Platforms: Years of experience all built in versatile platforms and products to bring high performance, reliable and robust solutions. Built Reference architectures, sub-systems and components all that fit in to support applications in various target domains. A real unique offering. A class apart UI/UX/CX.

Start building IoT & IIoT solutions with us.