Research Labs

On the foundations of solid Research, Innovation, Technology & Engineering

Engineering and Technology R&D

  • IoT & IIoT Architectures
    • Building efficient and versatile architectures (Edge computing, mobile computing, cloud computing)
    • Sensor to Server (s2s®)
    • Operating systems for IoT and IIoT devices (mbed, RTOS, custom)
  • Data Collection & Processing
    • Real-time, Online and Offline management of data
    • Efficient data transmission – Use of various transports
    • Innovations and newer ways of data processing
    • Large data storage and retrieval
    • Machine Learning & Artifical Intelligence
  • Netwoks and Network Protocols
    • Peer to Peer, Sensor to Server, Mesh and Ad-Hoc
    • Efficient and reliable use of various transports and protocols (HTTP, TCP, UDP, MQTT)
    • Overcoming speed and latency constraint
    • Reliable working in network constrained situations
    • Control Logic over the network to turn on / off or check status of the connected smart device
  • Embedded Systems
    • Embedded Platforms – Low, Mid and High Scale
    • Instrumentation systems, Telematics platforms & telemetry platforms
    • Sensor and Devices
    • FOTA support with innovative mechanisms of firmware upgrade
  • User Experience and Customer Experience
    • Research and establishent of newer trends of UX/CX in industrial automation world

Product & Domain Research

Our foundation for product development is based on innovation, engineering and research in various areas


  • Vehicular Technology, Onboard diagnostics and Tracking
  • Electrical Vehicle – Diagnostics, Monitoring and Tracking
  • Energy – Solar, Wind and Battery Mangement
  • Two wheeler On Board Disgnostics, Monitoring and Tracking
  • Machine Monitoring, Diagnostics & Control
  • Smart City – Weather Stations, Building Management, Fire & Safety
  • Consumer IOT – Appliances monitoring and control (AC, Refridgerator, Microwave)
  • Consumer IOT – Building Management (Water, Electricity Metering, Water Level Monitoring and Control, Lighting Management and Control

Product Development and Management

  • Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Engineering Management
  • Product Building Processes – Hardware, Software and IOT Systems
  • Product Quality
  • UI/UX and CX

INTERN PROGRAM (Undergrad and Grad)

A year round program for student interns is run by us. We have had interns from various institutes across the country.

  • IIT Kharagpur
  • IIIT Gwalior
  • VIT, Pune
  • AIT, Pune
  • Pune University


We run a student scholar program for 10th, 11th and 12th standard students who take up vocational or technical courses in Electronics, Computer Science, Software and Instrumentation.

  • NMV High School, Pune
  • City Pride School, Nigdi, Pune

We are open to working with research professionals at all levels.