Our Businesses

Business Consultation Service | Technology & Engineering Services | Learning & Development


We provide services for Business Consultancy, Technology & Engineering and Learning & Development.

We enable our customers with engineering and technology adoption for digitial transformation


With our multidisciplinary expertise and experience we offer various products and platforms for a wide variety of business verticals. This enables us to serve our customers with the specific focus and engage in wide variety of development.


Our Business Consultancy Services Division serves entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs to build a business strategy for growth. Our services span from business model analysis, strategy creation and execution plan to product innovation. Our approach is to work alongside with the customer in identifying and implementing strategy

  • Business Model Analysis
  • Strategy Creation & Execution
  • Product Development and Management


Our Technology & Engineering Services Division focuses on providing product development services to technology, engineering and product driven companies. We provide services for Software Solutions for Mobile Phones, Portable and Embedded Devices, Web Technologies, Embedded Systems Design and Internet of things.

  • Embedded Hardware & Software
  • Mobile Applications (Android, iOS and Custom)
  • Web Servers and Web Apps
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence


Our focus is from building LnD strategy for companies and universities to design and deliver programs in various areas of Organisation Development, Technology, Engineering and Innovation & Research. We offer specific programs for Professionals, Teachers and Students at all levels.

  • Consulting in OD/OB
  • Content creation & consulting – wide range of technology, engineering and tools
  • Programs for professionals and students
  • Programs for teachers 



Our smart, crafted, unique and versatile Sensor to Server (S2S) solutions, for various sectors of the industry, are available for licensing. Ready to Use SAAS platform Sensoyo® for various applications and profiles.

  • License our platform
  • Enterprise – Licensing, Customisation and Whitelabel
  • Numerous Industry Verticals supported (Energy Metering Monitoring, Facility Management, Consumer Appliance IoT, Industrial Application – Machine Monitoring)
  • Various sectors – Machine monitoring (Component manufacturing, Equipment monitoring and Contol), Energy, Fire & Safety, Vending and Dispensing Control and many more

We offer customizable products, platforms, and product engineering services to create unique solutions based on internet of things (IOT) architecture.

We offer product engineering services for crafting innovating platforms for our customers who provide solutions to their user.

It is Leap & Scale’s multidisciplinary expertise, and experience in envisioning and building optimal platforms and providing solutions is the key to the success and growth for its customers.


Lets us know how we can serve you.