Making a Career

Our open culture and a flat hierarchy promotes a very technical focus to the career. We do have technical and management ladders of growth, however our focus is entirely on the technology, engineering, research and innovation. Thus, making a career at L&S means the following:

Work on product development and deployment with a focus to make users life easy

Get experience in concept to delivery and maintenance

An interdisciplinary approach which allows an engineer to grow in depth and breadth of knowledge

Contribute to various areas of full product development right from concept to delivery and maintenance and everything in between

Get experience in development of product, that too building end to end complete solutions

Get exposed to various technologies, engineering and product development in interesting technology domains viz. IoT, Telematics, Industrial Automation

Grow through the hierarchy or Software Engineering, Embedded Product Engineering, Firmware Engineering, Product Engineering, Product Program Management, User Interface/User Experience Design

Start building your career with us